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Are you a beginner archer? Do you know there are compound bows that have been specifically made for the different categories of archers e.g. the beginner shooters, kids, youths, and women? Have you heard about something called the dominant eye, and that having a compound bow aligned with your dominant hand and dominant eye helps for best results and absolute efficiency?

To be honest , price is not what makes the best compound bow. Plus, those highly coveted and competitive features like the compound bow being lightweight, super powerful, smooth to draw, relatively small, shockproof, easy to tune, quiet, etc , may not give you that craved sporting fun and experience. Are you surprised?

Lest you amass too many preferences in the features of a compound bow until you’re tricked into making the wrong choice, is why this information is reaching you and the very reason it must be taken very seriously. Believe it or not, there is not one manufacturer of a compound bow, who will tell you that their manufactured product is not ideal for you, much less telling you it is poorly made.

From the lists of compound bow reviews that you will be reading shortly, and with some of the under listed tips targeted toward helping you to find the best compound bow for your needs, I do hope you will learn everything you need to know about each compound bow model and how they are well suited for your hunting sports and budget.

But first thing first. Most (if not all) of the below features must be found in any archery before it can be inducted into the hall of fame of the best compound bow. Otherwise, you may want to avoid them.

  • Bow Draw Weight: The thing is, any product pride itself as the best compound bow must have its weight sturdy in power and performance.
  • Draw Length: You might want to consider getting a compound bow that can allow you to adjust its draw length to suit your bow-shooting skill level.
  • Left or Right-Handed Bow Vis-a-Vis Eye Dominance: Which is your dominant eye? You might want to choose a bow based on your answer to this question.
  • Speed and Noise: The International Bow Hunting Organization specified the standard for speed rating measurement to be;

> Draw weight – 70Ibs

> Draw Length – 30

> Grain Arrow – 350.

At the above speed rating specification, less noise should be expected.

  • Axle-to-Axle Length: Depending on your type of hunting, the axle-to-axle length is important.
  • Budget: And just like other purchases, bows differ in their prices. You might want to consider your budget. There are compound bows you will find, being also of high quality and efficiency, all at great prices.
  • Hobby: Will your about-to-be-ordered bow pass for a sport or hobby or hunting? You might want to consider that too.

The Best Compound Bow 2018 Reviews

So having been benevolent with that much information that are available up there about choosing the best compound bows that is just right for you, I do think it is necessary to also let you know what these bows look like. Therefore I came up with a carefully selected list of some of the best compound bow , as scooped from compound bow reviews of archers who have been satisfied with their purchase.

1. Diamond Archery 2013 Diamond Infinite Edge Bow

This product is perfect for both beginners and experts. It is a bow that challenges and grow with the owner. With its very smooth draw and between 0 – 70 lb draw length adjustment, it is great for building strength over time. It gets easy to adjust once you get the hang of it. Once it was set up , it works just fine.

The bow’s makeup is concentrated on proper form and accuracy. Designed with sufficient features and accessories for small-frame shooters, so that they can continue shooting up to adult age, this customizable archery weapon does not require a bow press to accomplish the desired customization. The archery comes with adjustable settings, making it highly customizable for the target users.

The cams of the Diamond Archery 2013 Diamond Infinite Edge Bow comes very powerfully. The top-notch cam system has been accurately synchronized for excellent straight arrow travel. It turned out to be that the product is a left handed bow.

It is loved for the fact that the draw weight and axle length can be adjusted to suit shooting capacity and skill level. The compound bow looks sturdy. Pretty compact and light weight. Durable cable slide. The bow is definitely a good value for the money. It is highly and popularly voted one of the best compound bows for archers seeking to get more from their archery weapon.

This certainly is one of the best compound bow for the money


2. Bear Archery Cruzer Ready to Hunt Compound Bow Package 70lb RH A5CZ21007R


Are you looking for a compound bow that is flexible in pull weight and that can be grown into? Are you looking for a compound bow whose adjustment is straightforward? Do you crave a compound bow built with aluminum materials for sturdiness and durability? And one with the ability to withstand pressure from constant usage and/or rough handling? With this compound bow you can’t go wrong.

Bear Archery Compound Bow has been built to suit every bow hunter’s need and that is why it is decent for anyone. It comes with a lot of the necessary extras (high-quality popular arrow rest), fiber optic sights with four needles (for shooting at different ranges), a stabilizer, quiver, and a wrist strap.

With an amazing draw length of between 12 to 30 inches, this compound bow is great value for money.

Bear Archery compound bow has a standard draw weight and length that has been adapted for different users and adjustable to suit different shooting level. The archery tool lets you shoot like a pro. Even so that the top quality accessories allows for immediate shooting.

Different from the regular grip, the grip of the Bear Archery compound bow is designed for comfort and convenience. It is built with an advanced grip design for enhanced accuracy


3. SAS Rage 70 Lbs 30” Compound Bow


This bow makes it nice for folks who don’t have all the tools. The mounting holes accompanying this product are nicely machined with excellent thread on them. Set up is easy and timeless. And if the let off of the bow, its affordability, the noise and vibration control and other cool features are to be considered, then we could safely conclude that we got a great value in SAS Rage Compound Bow.

The 70lbs draw weight create sufficient kinetic energy, making it well suited for hunting. It is sturdy and well made. Great and affordable as it is, you can actually use it hone your archery skill. The ABS compressed limbs help for limb span strength, weight, balance, and overall to make the bow last longer.

The grip supports for the comfort of the shooter. The let off poundage allows for to shoot as many arrows as possible. The rest and sight it comes with can be used for the spare screws. Stealthy in design, the SAS Rage Compound Bow performs optimally; it throws straight and accurately.


4. Genesis Original Bow


This is one bow that the whole family, big and small will be able to shoot. It is perfect for one size fits all bow for target shooting. Don’t waste money on cheaper versions of kids bow because this is quality. It will last a very long time.

Archers love the fact that the weight starts low but can be incrementally increased as the kids get stronger. Being a great bow for hobby and learning, this bow is well built. It does feel like a recurve bow to shoot. It is very balanced when you hold it in your hand and feels very natural. It feels rugged and indestructible!

Genesis Original Bow is very nice. Anyone of about any size can use it and it has been found to be accurate. It comes with an Allen wrench to adjust the draw weight. The quality of the bow is so obvious plus it has got good quality control. Bow shoots well, forcing the arrow to travel up to 500 feet.

The bright and cute color selections of the compound bow appeals to kids and it also makes it easy to differentiate bows between family members. Workmanship is superb. The bow is simple to use, solid, and hands-down a good choice for first-timers. The variable draw length is a big plus, too.


5. SAS Seige Compound Bow


This one is a great starter bow that will also please an advanced shooter. It’s highly recommended for anyone looking to take their hunting to the next level. It’s decent enough draw weight to hunt with. You’ll love the power that comes with its compound cam system

SAS Seige Compound Bow is very lightweight so it’s easy to take on long hunts. Bow is fantastic , powerful, easy to use and maintain, and works very well.

If you’re an experienced archer looking for a bow with immense power, and that can consistently draw at least 45 lbs weight, then this is your bow because it keeps the good amount of skill that’s involved in accuracy. The bow is a good balance between accuracy aid and skill and feels awesome to fire. It’s very functional and glides seamlessly.
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