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New born baby girl bleeding from Vagina

Its really so blessed feeling to have goddess come in to our family. She feels like the best thing which can happen in my life, our daughter came to our world with a blast and the feel of it still and would always grow in to a positive aura. I am feeling like a complete person having my baby and wife around happy and healthy. It was all going good at times when a little disconfort came to be see when the baby diper was changed. We could find small amount of blood stains with urine. It was really shocking for me and many around to have seen the bleeding and raised a concern of query in everybody’s mind for reasons.

Immediately we had our pediatrician arrive and check the situation, it was then told to me by him after eamination that this type of bleeding is absoluely normal. He said normally baby girls have this kind of discharge from their vagina in white or red for few days, this condition happens cause of mothers hormones get extracted from baby’s body. This conditions persists in a girl baby’s body for few days till the hormones gets out of her system. Their is nothing much to worry on this as this is completely normal to have the bleeding for few days but if it persists more than 7 to 8 days then it is better to consult a specialist immediately.

Hope you would have got  fair idea on the situation and you need not worry for such case till its there for a few days. Please feel free to comment your views so we could get more information on th same. You have a great day!

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