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Best Crossbow Reviews 2018

Finding the best crossbow for the money is a difficult task because of the numerous options in the market , and it could be more daunting for amature hunters with little outdoor experience.

For those who don’t know , Crossbow is a popular tool used in shooting sports , most especially deer hunting.

In historic times , crossbow played a major role in the warfare of East Asia, Europe, and the Mediterranean. It consists of a bow mounted on a stick , and a trigger that allows you to shoot an arrow while aiming at your target.


Are you an archer looking for the best crossbow 2017 ? Look no further because we have spent time on research and came up with crossbow reviews to help you make the right decision.

We understand  there is already a ton of articles on this topic. However , we are confident in our research and we hope our article helps you in deciding the best crossbow for the money.

How We Ranked Each Crossbow :

These are the main factors that influenced our decision to rank a crossbow above the other :

  1. Archers reviews  : Crossbows with the highest positive reviews from archers (People who actually bought & used them at some point) is a huge signal and a deciding factor.
  2. Crossbow specifications & features
  3. Brand reputation : We considered the best products from brands that have been in the game for years & won the heart of many archers. This is an indication that they understand the market and know what archers really need in a crossbow.


After long hours of research & data gathering , we found the Barnett Ghost 410 Crossbow CTR As the overall best for you. The reasons are listed below :

 A huge favourite of many archers

 It is one of the Fastest crossbows on the market

 Very lightweight & easy to move

 Great accuracy even when shooting from a far distance

 An easy to use crossbow for beginners & veterans.



Got a slim budget? The Centerpoint Sniper 370 is the best crossbow for archers on a lean budget. With a price tag of less than $270 , this crossbow’s performance is on par with that of its high-end counterparts. You don’t need to break the bank to get this crossbow.

Did i forget to mention ? The Centerpoint Sniper 370 is beginner friendly. That’s an added advantage.

 Budget friendly.

 Fast speed of 370 FPS

 Good draw weight of 185lbs

Integrated String suppressors for a quiet, vibration-free shot

Quad limbs with precision CNC Machined Cam System



Are you an archer who is just learning the art of crossbow hunting? At this point , you don’t need a complex crossbow , you just need something that is easy to use.

The Barnett Jackal Package crossbow is overwhelmingly the best crossbow for beginners. It is easy to use and will cost you about $200 to purchase.

Not bad for starters.

 Shoots at a speed of 315 FPS

 Has a smooth 3.5 lb trigger pull

 Has 150lbs draw weight

 Complete crossbow package, includes quick-detach quiver, bolts, and premium red dot sight

Sleek, military-style stock; high energy wheels; synthetic string and cable system


The Best Crossbow For The Money 2017 – According To Budget

We understand that you have a budget for this , and so we decided to do a quick list of the best crossbow according to price category. This will help you save time and streamline your search.

To do this , we picked a price tag of $500 and listed crossbows above and below it.

Here we go :

1. Best Crossbows Below $500

These crossbows are the best you can get with a budget less than $500



The Barnett Ghost 410 CTR was launched in the 2013 and is one of the best selling crossbows. Although Barnett later introduced the Ghost 415 in 2016 , The Ghost 410 is still the archers favourite for a number of reasons.

Firstly , this is one of the most accurate crossbows on the market. The Ghost 410’s accuracy spans up to 50 yards , and you will get a much better accuracy when shooting from a closer range. From our research , we found you could still get a good speed when shooting from a far distance with this crossbow. Here’s  the result of our research  :

0 Yards = 410 FPS

10 Yards = 405 FPS

20 Yards = 401 FPS

30 Yards = 396 FPS

40 Yards = 391 FPS

50 Yards = 386 FPS

Secondly , this is one of the fastest crossbows on the market. The Barnett Ghost 410 is #3 of the fast list ; only third to Scorpyd Venom and the Ghost 415 respectively. Now combine that with a draw weight of 185lbs and you have a crossbow with a good balance of speed and draw weight.

Thirdly , the Ghost 410 has a sturdy design with a security feature that automatically engages , preventing the crossbow from firing until the arrow is properly setup.

Talking about design , the Ghost  410 features Barnett’s proprietary Carbonlite Riser Technology (CRT), which shifts the balance point away from the riser and back to the shoulder of the shooter. Barnett’s unique patent-protected, ultra-light, super-strong Carbonlite riser boasts an incredible 5-to-1 safety factor and provides the perfect balance of weight and speed.

Despite the amazing features of this crossbow , there’s one draw back you need to know ; there is no dampening system to reduce the noise caused by the transformation of potential energy to vibration after pulling the trigger. Hence , the Ghost 410 is a little noisy.

When purchased , the Ghost 410 comes with the following :

  • The Barnett Ghost 410 compound crossbow
  • three 22″ Easton bolts with field points
  • Quick-detach quiver
  • Padded crossbow sling
  • Rope cocking device
  • Extra recoil pad
  • 3×32 four-reticle illuminated (red/green/black) crossbow scope
  • Small sample of string wax
  • Warranty card
  • Owner’s manual
  • All assembly hardware

It will cost you around $800 to get this crossbow , however , we couldn’t find a better product with a perfect balance of speed , draw weight & features , hence , the Ghost 410 CTR is the best crossbow to splash the cash on. You can also read archers feedback on Amazon





The second best crossbow to buy is the Wicked Ridge Invader G3 by Tenpoint. Launched in 2015 , the Wicked Ridge G3 is a well designed crossbow with machined aluminum riser and strategically placed cutouts that reduce weight and increase strength.

So , why is it second best?

When compared to the Barnett Ghost 410 , the Wicked Ridge Invader has a lesser speed of 330 FPS & draw weight of 165 lbs , compared to the 401FPS & 185lbs draw weight on the Ghost 410.

The Wicked ridge package comes with the following items :

  • A camo stock
  • A TenPoint 3X Multi-Line™ scope
  • A Wicked Ridge instant release quiver
  • Three Wicked Ridge 20” carbon crossbow arrows
  • An ACU-52 self retracting rope cocking system


In terms of speed , the Wicked ridge does excellent and hits up to  330 FPS. During our research , we found out that that this crossbow performs really well even from 50 yards out. Here’s  the speed and distance comparision of the Wicked Ridge :

0 Yards = 330 FPS

10 Yards : 326 FPS

20 Yards : 322 FPS

30 Yards : 319 FPS

40 Yards : 315 FPS

50 Yards : 311 FPS

The wicked Ridge G3 comes with ACU-52 , a Cocking mechanism that reduces draw weight by 52% , thereby allowing a smooth pull.

In all , the Wicked Ridge is a decent crossbow worth recommending , however , one major drawback is that it is incredibly loud compared to other Tenpoint Crossbows. This is due to the absense of Dampening system which helps reduce the noise generated after shooting.





The third best crossbow to buy is the Tenpoint Venom with ACU50. At first sight , the Venom looks like a rugged and very heavy crossbow but that’s not the case. It weighs just 6.5 pounds and is actually one of the lightest crossbow on the market.

So , why is it the third best?

In terms of features , The Tenpoint Venom can go head-to-head with Ghost 410 for the crown of the best crossbow. However , it is lacking in one crucial area ; the speed. Tenpoint Venom has a speed of 372 Fps , which is lesser than the 410 FPS on the Barnett Ghost 410.

But still , 372 FPS is  fast enough to land your first kill , or that special animal for tonight’s delicacy. The Tenpoint venom has a draw weight of 200lbs , however , it has a interesting feature called ACU50 ; which helps you get a smooth pull by reducing draw weight by 50%.

Paul Pryor , a veteran archer with over 10 years experience used the Tenpoint Venom. Here’s his experience :

The Venom is lightweight, compact and extremely accurate. This is my second Tenpoint crossbow! The bottom line is Tenpoint is built of the highest quality hands down. My first crossbow was a competitors and it failed miserably. To be honest it blew up and taking the skin off my left arm. Cabelas stepped up to rectify this bad situation, unfortunately the manufacturer did not. I’m not complaining though since I made out on the deal. Met Bob a rep from Tenpoint and bought a Stealth CLS package. I didn’t need another crossbow my Stealth works flawlessly. I just wanted a new toy. If your in the market for a crossbow there is no substitute for a Tenpoint! Their ACU draw makes the bow extremely accurate. So don’t shoot the same dot on your target.






Next up is the Barnett Jackal Package crossbow. I was a little  divided on this one.

Personally , i  don’t really  fancy this crossbow , but over 456 buyers rated it 5 star on Amazon , so i believe its a good product.

If you have a low budget but need a decent crossbow for your adventures , then Barnett Jackal Package is for you.

One of the reasons why i’m not a fan of this crossbow is because its a bit fragile and needs careful handling. Can easily snap if rough handled.

Another reason is the lack of rope cocking mechanism as well as dampening system to reduce noise produced after shooting.

That said , other features are okay and it shoots at a velocity of 315 feet per second and 150 pounds draw weight. The crossbow is very easy to assemble and you easily adjust any part when necessary.

It comes with a complete crossbow package which includes  quick-detach quiver, bolts, and premium red dot sight , Sleek, military-style stock; high energy wheels; synthetic string and cable system.

MY OPINION : Obviously , this crossbow was built for beginners , especially archers with low budget. This is the best crossbow you can get for less than $300 , and the features are not bad , if you ask me. However , you need to be a little careful when using because its a little fragile.

USER REVIEWS : This crossbow got a staggering 714 reviews on out of which 456 buyers rated five stars , which means its a decent product.

BOTTOM LINE : If you’re a beginner with very low budget , then this is the best crossbow you can get. Purchases can be made from Amazon using our link below.





Centerpoint Sniper is a budget friendly crossbow built with beginners in mind but can also be used by experts.

This crossbow has the ability to shoot at a velocity of 370 feet per second , with a draw weight of 185 pounds. Although not the fastest in the market , the speed is quite impressive considering that its a budget friendly crossbow.

One of the things i like about this crossbow is the Integrated String suppressors , which ensures a a quiet, vibration-free shot.

However , it is important for you to know that sometimes , shots are not accurate because the bolts that came with the package are not so great.

Overall , i still think its a good crossbow especially if you’re on a budget.


MY OPINION OF THIS CROSSBOW : This is one of the best budget friendly crossbows out there. It costs less than $300 , and the performance is very impressive for a low budget device. I highly recommend it for those looking for a decent crossbow that dosen’t cost a fortune.

USER REVIEWS : 47 people have reviewed this crossbow on Amazon , and 77% of them gave a five star rating. The feedback has been positive , and only a few people had difficulties using this crossbow.

BOTTOM LINE : If you’re looking for a decent crossbow that dosen’t cost a fortune , then this product is for you.


6. Excalibur Matrix 405 – Lightning Fast Recurve Crossbow!


Excalibur Matrix 405 is one of the best recurve crossbow ever built and also one of the most expensive in the market.

There are alot of Excalibur products in the market , however , i don’t think any one comes close to this. Lightning fast and the scope is very accurate.

In addition to the speed , the Matrix 405 comes with a very solid build and dosen’t feel like any of those cheap crossbows out there.

This crossbow may be a little difficult for you to pull and has a draw weight of 290 pounds.  The dampening system helps reduce the noise generated after shooting.

MY OPINION OF THIS CROSSBOW: Excalibur is a brand that has built a strong name for themselves over the years , and they have a cult of followers. The Matrix 405 is one of their best products till date , and also one of the fastest crossbows in the market. However , i’m a little bit concerned about its draw weight and i think 290lbs is a little too much to pull.

Again , i think its a little too expensive , but quality dosen’t come cheap. Does it?

USER REVIEWS : Reviews on Ebay , Amazon & Other websites gave a highly positive feedback , with over 65% five star rating.

BOTTOM LINE : Got money? Love Excalibur brand? Care about speed? Then get this crossbow. Can be used by both beginners and experts

7. Excalibur Matrix 380 – Silent Performer!

Next on our list is the Excalibur Matrix 380 , which is also one of the best crossbows in the market.

Excalibur is a well known brand in the crossbow world and i like the fact that they strive to produce some of the best crossbow for the money.

With a body dimension of  35 x 6 x 10 inches and draw weight of  260 pounds , Excalibur Matrix 380 shoots arrows at a speed of 380 feet per second.

When purchased , it comes with a full crossbow kit which includes Tact-Zone Scope (with 30mm rings), a cheekpiece, R.E.D.S. suppressors, a four-arrow quiver (with bracket), four Diablo arrows, four 150 grain field points and a rope cocking aid.

One of the main reasons why i like this crossbow is that it is very quiet ; dosen’t make a loud noise after shooting.

However , it has a weight of about 12 pounds , which is a little bit heavier than other crossbows in the market.

MY OPINION OF THIS CROSSBOW: This is one of the most silent crossbow in the market. The dampening system reduces the noise produced after shooting. Although quite pricey , this crossbow can be used by professionals and amature. However , like most crossbows in the market, the Matrix 380 is quite expensive.

USER REVIEWS : Out of 53 reviews on Amazon , 90% of them gave this crossbow a 5 star rating , while only 2% rated 1 star.

BOTTOM LINE : If you’re looking a fast crossbow that dosen’t make noise after shooting, then get the Matrix 380.





When you talk about power and precision , the Carbon Nitro RDX comes to mind. Although not very popular , this crossbow is one of the best crossbow 2017 , and also one of the best crossbow for the money.

Actually , this happens to be Tenpoint’s first recurve bow and although it’s a little heavy , its 10 inches axle to axle helps give a better grip. Tenpoint Carbon Nitro RDX has a draw weight of 165 lbs , and its 385 FPS velocity ranks it among the fastest crossbows produced in 2016.

Enough said! If you’re a veteran archer looking for a new toy to play with , then you should check this out. And if you’re a beginner looking for a crossbow with decent performance , then you should also get this.

  • Velocity : 385 FPS
  • Draw Weight : 165 lbs
  • Length : 34.25 inches
  • Product Weight : 7.8lbs.
  • 10 inches axle to axle





Firstly , i like the name & the look of this crossbow. It looks quite simple and should be easy to handle by beginners with minimal hunting experience. Now let’s talk about the features :

Stryker Katana ranks among the most quiet crossbows in the market. That’s a big plus for a crossbow with a velocity of 385 FPS and draw weight of 155 lbs. The  Katana features a skeletonized Aero-Rail and soft rubber inserts in the stock’s fore end and pistol grip.

It also comes equipped with a smooth 2.5 pound trigger, anti-dry-fire technology, manual safety, oversized finger guards, C2 Crank for ease of cocking, and an ambidextrous cheek piece.

Despite all these features , this product weighs just 6.5 lbs , which is lighter than some crossbows in the market. When purchased , the package include Accu strike Light bolts with 100 grain field points, 4 arrow quiver with bracket and Tact-Zone illuminated scope with rings

  • Velocity : 385 FPS
  • Draw Weight : 155 lbs
  • Length : 35 inches
  • Product Weight : 6.5lbs.
  • Power Stroke : 13





This crossbow has a powerful name ; “Killer” , “Instinct” , “Furious” ; 3 words that strike fear in the heart of many. But how good is this product? Let’s find out below :

In terms of specifications , this product comes with 185lbs draw weight and 370 FPS ; which is quite similar to other crossbows launched in 2016. The Killer Instinct Furious 370 FRT comes with TriggerTech ‘Frictionless Release Technology which delivers a precise two-pound trigger, zero creep and a clean, crisp shot every time.

It weighs 7.2 lbs. Slightly heavy , but not something to worry about. When purchased , the package comes with an Illuminated Scope, (3) KillerTech by Black Eagle Bolts, String Suppressors, 5-Arrow Quiver, Rope Cocker and one stick of Rail Lube.

  • Velocity : 370 FPS
  • Draw Weight : 185 lbs
  • TriggerTech ‘Frictionless Release Technology
  • Product Weight : 7.2lbs.

How To Pick The Best Crossbow

I’m sure you noticed that good crossbows don’t come cheap and so , it is very important to get it right when splashing the cash.

Money is hard to earn and it is important to spend it wisely and judiciously. Here some tips that will guide you when buying a crossbow.  I hope you find them useful

  • Check the Shoot Velocity : The shoot velocity of a crossbow is extremely important ; especially if you’re going to use it for hunting competition. The faster the crossbow the more unlikely for you to miss a target.


  • Check The Build : The thing to check for is the strength of the crossbow. This is also important because a vital part of the crossbow could get broken when aiming a target of during a fierce competition. I’m sure you wouldn’t want that..


  • Check The Draw Weight : Some crossbows might be a little difficult to pull while some has the perfect draw weight. In all , you should pick the one you’re quite comfortable with.


Why Some Crossbows May Not Be The Best For You

A lot of newbies and experts have continuously asked questions like :

“What is the best crossbow 2017 for deer hunting


“Where can i get the fastest crossbow on the market?”

And the truth is , the answer is relative. Why?

Because what works from Mr A may not work for Mr B.

Mr B may not have the same technical discipline as Mr A and so their experience with a particular equipment may be different.

It all boils down to technical discipline.


I hope you found our article on the best crossbow reviews very helpful. Feel free to share your opinion by leaving your comments at the end of this article.

Best Longbow Reviews 2018

Traditional Longbows have been there for decades and even if crossbows have somehow taken over , They are still very useful in shooting competitions.

If you’re an archer or someone who just wants to have fun shooting longbows , then you must be on the market for the best longbows to buy. Look no more because in this article , I’m going to list the best longbow for the money


Here’s a breakdown of the longbows we listed above. (Longbow Reviews)


Talk about a longbow with perfect combination of comfort and precision , then talk about the Martin Archery Savannah. This is the best longbow for the money , and also the best selling longbow by Martin Archery. This product will cost you more than $500 , but the price is not what makes it standout. The features & manufacturer’s reputation are the driving force that makes it the product to beat.

Why is it the best? : Unlike other longbows , the Martin Archery Savannah comes with “No Hand Shock” which eliminates the vibration (“Shock”) that occurs after shooting.

Features :

  • Hand Made : Just like every other top quality longbow , the Martin Savannah is hand made , crafted using Zebrawood and two Bubinga Core laminations to ensure durability.
  • No Hand Shock After Shooting : The force required to shoot an arrow could result in vibrations (“Shock”) that occur immediately after shooting. The Martin Archery Savannah complete eliminates this by using the riser of the bow to absorb the vibrations of the longbow.
  • Very Comfortable & Fast : With the high quality , hand crafted materials , good length & draw weight , the Savannah is very comfortable and shoots fast.

Specifications :

  • 40 to 65 lb. Draw Weight
  • 6.5in- 7.5in Brace Height
  • 1lb 7 oz. Mass Weight
  • 64in AMO String Length
  • Zebra Laminates

Benefits (PROS) : 

  • No Hand Shock
  • Its Silent
  • Comes with Flemish bowstring
  • Package comes with quiver, arrows, field points, glove or tab, arm guard, and other accessories
  • Fast & Very Comfortable on hand

Cons :

  • Price is on the high side
  • The bow length maybe short for you.



Second on the list is Bear Archery Montana , one of the oldest and most popular Longbows on the market. Launched in the 1990’s , Bear Montana was designed by Grant Neil Byce II , a long time bowyer at Bear Archery. Its reflexed design , tapered limb lamination, leather grip, and slim tips makes it one of the best longbow on the market.

Why is it second on the list ? : We found out that the draw weight is a little difficult to pull , which is unlike other longbows , especially the Martin Archery Savanna with one of the easiest pull.

Benefits of this Longbow :

Future Wood :

Bear Archery introduced Future Wood in the 1970’s due to request from customers wanting natural hardwood.

Futurewood is made of a pressurized vacuum which fills all the natural pores in the wood, increasing its weight and greatly strengthening it. This makes it very difficult for the longbow to crack or break.

Easy To Use :

This longbow is built for both Experts & Beginners and can be used with both Right and Left hands.

Very Comfortable :

If you care a lot about comfortabiity , the the Bear Montana is a perfect match. Its Maple wood and fiberglass helps protect the limbs , ensuring a more firm grip and comfortability.

Specifications :

  • Length: 64″ AMO.
  • Includes Dynaflight 97 Flemish string.
  • Riser is made of black Hard-Rock Maple.
  • Leather grip – the leather “shoot off the shelf” arrow rest allows for clean arrow flight.
  • Limbs – overlaid with clear white maple, backed and faced with high strength black fiberglass.


  • Great Value for Money
  • Easy to use by experts & beginners
  • Strong and very durable
  • Very comfortable on Right & Left Hand.


  • Depending on which hand you use , it could be a little too hard to draw. Right Hand has a draw weight of 30 – 60 lbs , while Left Hand has draw weight of 45 – 55 lbs.

Best Compound Bow 2018

Are you a beginner archer? Do you know there are compound bows that have been specifically made for the different categories of archers e.g. the beginner shooters, kids, youths, and women? Have you heard about something called the dominant eye, and that having a compound bow aligned with your dominant hand and dominant eye helps for best results and absolute efficiency?

To be honest , price is not what makes the best compound bow. Plus, those highly coveted and competitive features like the compound bow being lightweight, super powerful, smooth to draw, relatively small, shockproof, easy to tune, quiet, etc , may not give you that craved sporting fun and experience. Are you surprised?

Lest you amass too many preferences in the features of a compound bow until you’re tricked into making the wrong choice, is why this information is reaching you and the very reason it must be taken very seriously. Believe it or not, there is not one manufacturer of a compound bow, who will tell you that their manufactured product is not ideal for you, much less telling you it is poorly made.

From the lists of compound bow reviews that you will be reading shortly, and with some of the under listed tips targeted toward helping you to find the best compound bow for your needs, I do hope you will learn everything you need to know about each compound bow model and how they are well suited for your hunting sports and budget.

But first thing first. Most (if not all) of the below features must be found in any archery before it can be inducted into the hall of fame of the best compound bow. Otherwise, you may want to avoid them.

  • Bow Draw Weight: The thing is, any product pride itself as the best compound bow must have its weight sturdy in power and performance.
  • Draw Length: You might want to consider getting a compound bow that can allow you to adjust its draw length to suit your bow-shooting skill level.
  • Left or Right-Handed Bow Vis-a-Vis Eye Dominance: Which is your dominant eye? You might want to choose a bow based on your answer to this question.
  • Speed and Noise: The International Bow Hunting Organization specified the standard for speed rating measurement to be;

> Draw weight – 70Ibs

> Draw Length – 30

> Grain Arrow – 350.

At the above speed rating specification, less noise should be expected.

  • Axle-to-Axle Length: Depending on your type of hunting, the axle-to-axle length is important.
  • Budget: And just like other purchases, bows differ in their prices. You might want to consider your budget. There are compound bows you will find, being also of high quality and efficiency, all at great prices.
  • Hobby: Will your about-to-be-ordered bow pass for a sport or hobby or hunting? You might want to consider that too.

The Best Compound Bow 2018 Reviews

So having been benevolent with that much information that are available up there about choosing the best compound bows that is just right for you, I do think it is necessary to also let you know what these bows look like. Therefore I came up with a carefully selected list of some of the best compound bow , as scooped from compound bow reviews of archers who have been satisfied with their purchase.

1. Diamond Archery 2013 Diamond Infinite Edge Bow

This product is perfect for both beginners and experts. It is a bow that challenges and grow with the owner. With its very smooth draw and between 0 – 70 lb draw length adjustment, it is great for building strength over time. It gets easy to adjust once you get the hang of it. Once it was set up , it works just fine.

The bow’s makeup is concentrated on proper form and accuracy. Designed with sufficient features and accessories for small-frame shooters, so that they can continue shooting up to adult age, this customizable archery weapon does not require a bow press to accomplish the desired customization. The archery comes with adjustable settings, making it highly customizable for the target users.

The cams of the Diamond Archery 2013 Diamond Infinite Edge Bow comes very powerfully. The top-notch cam system has been accurately synchronized for excellent straight arrow travel. It turned out to be that the product is a left handed bow.

It is loved for the fact that the draw weight and axle length can be adjusted to suit shooting capacity and skill level. The compound bow looks sturdy. Pretty compact and light weight. Durable cable slide. The bow is definitely a good value for the money. It is highly and popularly voted one of the best compound bows for archers seeking to get more from their archery weapon.

This certainly is one of the best compound bow for the money


2. Bear Archery Cruzer Ready to Hunt Compound Bow Package 70lb RH A5CZ21007R


Are you looking for a compound bow that is flexible in pull weight and that can be grown into? Are you looking for a compound bow whose adjustment is straightforward? Do you crave a compound bow built with aluminum materials for sturdiness and durability? And one with the ability to withstand pressure from constant usage and/or rough handling? With this compound bow you can’t go wrong.

Bear Archery Compound Bow has been built to suit every bow hunter’s need and that is why it is decent for anyone. It comes with a lot of the necessary extras (high-quality popular arrow rest), fiber optic sights with four needles (for shooting at different ranges), a stabilizer, quiver, and a wrist strap.

With an amazing draw length of between 12 to 30 inches, this compound bow is great value for money.

Bear Archery compound bow has a standard draw weight and length that has been adapted for different users and adjustable to suit different shooting level. The archery tool lets you shoot like a pro. Even so that the top quality accessories allows for immediate shooting.

Different from the regular grip, the grip of the Bear Archery compound bow is designed for comfort and convenience. It is built with an advanced grip design for enhanced accuracy


3. SAS Rage 70 Lbs 30” Compound Bow


This bow makes it nice for folks who don’t have all the tools. The mounting holes accompanying this product are nicely machined with excellent thread on them. Set up is easy and timeless. And if the let off of the bow, its affordability, the noise and vibration control and other cool features are to be considered, then we could safely conclude that we got a great value in SAS Rage Compound Bow.

The 70lbs draw weight create sufficient kinetic energy, making it well suited for hunting. It is sturdy and well made. Great and affordable as it is, you can actually use it hone your archery skill. The ABS compressed limbs help for limb span strength, weight, balance, and overall to make the bow last longer.

The grip supports for the comfort of the shooter. The let off poundage allows for to shoot as many arrows as possible. The rest and sight it comes with can be used for the spare screws. Stealthy in design, the SAS Rage Compound Bow performs optimally; it throws straight and accurately.


4. Genesis Original Bow


This is one bow that the whole family, big and small will be able to shoot. It is perfect for one size fits all bow for target shooting. Don’t waste money on cheaper versions of kids bow because this is quality. It will last a very long time.

Archers love the fact that the weight starts low but can be incrementally increased as the kids get stronger. Being a great bow for hobby and learning, this bow is well built. It does feel like a recurve bow to shoot. It is very balanced when you hold it in your hand and feels very natural. It feels rugged and indestructible!

Genesis Original Bow is very nice. Anyone of about any size can use it and it has been found to be accurate. It comes with an Allen wrench to adjust the draw weight. The quality of the bow is so obvious plus it has got good quality control. Bow shoots well, forcing the arrow to travel up to 500 feet.

The bright and cute color selections of the compound bow appeals to kids and it also makes it easy to differentiate bows between family members. Workmanship is superb. The bow is simple to use, solid, and hands-down a good choice for first-timers. The variable draw length is a big plus, too.


5. SAS Seige Compound Bow


This one is a great starter bow that will also please an advanced shooter. It’s highly recommended for anyone looking to take their hunting to the next level. It’s decent enough draw weight to hunt with. You’ll love the power that comes with its compound cam system

SAS Seige Compound Bow is very lightweight so it’s easy to take on long hunts. Bow is fantastic , powerful, easy to use and maintain, and works very well.

If you’re an experienced archer looking for a bow with immense power, and that can consistently draw at least 45 lbs weight, then this is your bow because it keeps the good amount of skill that’s involved in accuracy. The bow is a good balance between accuracy aid and skill and feels awesome to fire. It’s very functional and glides seamlessly.

Fastest Crossbow Reviews – The Best 5 For You

Have you ever missed your target because of a slow crossbow?

You’ve done everything right according to the books. Your prey is in sight and you’re ready to shoot. But somehow , you manage to miss the target simply because of a Slow Crossbow.

We’ve all been in such situation at least once in our hunting careers , and its a really frustrating feeling , especially if you’re in a competition with fierce competitors. Speed is an important component of a crossbow , and is one of the first things you should check before purchasing.

Luckily , there are some crossbow that are built for speed junkies. People who care alot about speed. These crossbows are amazingly fast and can shoot at a speed of more than 400FPS. Here’s our top 5 fastest crossbows on the market.


Scorpyd VTEC Extreme is the fastest crossbow on the market. There’ is no argument here. This crossbow can shoot at an incredible speed of 440FPS , 25FPS faster than the second best (Barnett Ghost 415). In addition to the speed , VTEC Extreme is one of the first crossbows to use Reverse Draw Technology , and its manufacturer , Scorpyd , is the inventor of Reverse Draw Technology.

OK. Let’s be realistic , can the Scropyd VTEC Extreme actually hit 440FPS? The answer is YES! , But it depends on the draw weight. This crossbow has 4 different draw weight options , and each draw weight comes with its own speed mark & kinetic energy. Here they are :

175lbs Scorpyd VTEC Crossbow :

  • Draw Weight: 175 lbs
  • Arrow Speed: Up to 440 fps
  •  Kinetic Energy: 173 lb ft KE

160lbs Scorpyd VTEC Crossbow :

  • Draw Weight: 160 lbs
  • Arrow Speed: Up to 420 fps
  • Kinetic Energy: 158 lb ft KE

135lbs Scorpyd VTEC Crossbow :

  • Draw Weight:135 lbs
  • Arrow Speed: Up to 390 fps
  • Kinetic Energy: 135 lb ft KE

110lbs Scorpyd VTEC Crossbow :

  • Draw Weight: 110 lbs
  • Arrow Speed: Up to 370 fps
  • Kinetic energy: 121 lb ft KE

As you can see above , the one with 175lbs draw weight can hit a speed of 440FPS , while the one with 110lbs can hit speed of up to 370FPS. It is however important to state that asides the draw weight , speed & Kinetic energy , There’s NO OTHER DIFFERENCE between each of them.

Benefits Of Scorpyd VTEC Extreme :

  • It’s OMG Fast : This benefit is obvious. VTEC Extreme is the fastest crossbow on the market , which means speed is the main forte. If you get this crossbow , you can be sure that you’re buying the fastest product , and speed is definately not a problem.


  • Reverse Draw Technology : This technology was invented by Jim Kempf , the founder of Scorpyd crossbows. Basically , what reverse draw technology does is that it helps improve performance and give more power stroke. You can read more on this technology (link opens in a new tab).


  • It’s Very Safe To Shoot : The VTEC Extreme has a lot of safety features to ensure you don’t get hurt when shooting. It comes with a built-in bolt sensor that make it impossible to dry fire.

Scorpyd VTEC Extreme Specifications :

  • Patented Reverse Draw Technology
  • Kempf-Tec Trigger (Patented)
  • 18 3/4″ Power Stroke
  • 15 7/8″ axle to axle cocked
  • 35 1/2″ overall length
  • 8.4# mass weight without accessories
  • Folding Stock
  • Anti-DryFire device (Patented)
  • MIM Trigger Components
  • Manual Safety
  • Forged Riser
  • Barnsdale Laminated Limbs
  • Titanium Fasteners
  • ViperX Strings and Cables
  • Vented Barrel
  • Vented Forearm
  • MIL Spec Type III Anodize

When purchased , the package comes with :

  • Scorpyd VTEC Crossbow in your choice of Draw Weight
  • String stops
  • Scope rail
  • Sling Studs
  • Sled Cocker

Just like every crossbow , the VTEC Extreme also has its Pros & Cons. Here they are :

Pros :

  • Super Fast
  • Very Safe to shoot
  • Available in Multiple Limb Weights
  • Reverse Draw technology.

Cons :

It is difficult to find any fault in this product as it was well thought and thoroughly executed. However , it is quite expensive and may not fit all budgets.




The Ghost 415 was released early 2016 as an upgrade to Barnett Ghost 410 , which is #3 on the fast list.  Barnett Ghost 415 is the second fastest crossbow on the market , and has a speed of 415 FPS. This crossbow comes with a draw weight of 185lbs , and a harder hitting impact of 153 lbs kinetic energy (FPKE).

The carbon riser technology provides 43% lighter riser , which offers better control to the shooter by giving the crossbow a good balance. Other features include 15.375″ Power stroke and a crossbow weight of 7lbs.

Benefits of this crossbow :

  • Trigger Tech : The biggest upgrade on the Ghost 415 is the addition of Trigger Tech , which used Frictionless Release Technology to give a more precise trigger control.


  • Very Fast : Although not as fast as the VTEC Extreme , Ghost 415 is still fast and is a better alternative for those that cannot affort the more expensive Scorpyd VTEC.


  • Its A Safe Crossbow : This crossbow has a safety feature called anti-dry fire mechanism. Once you cock the crossbow , the safety feature will automatically engage , preventing the crossbow from firing until the arrow is properly setup.


  • Easy To Use By Amature & Veterans : Another good thing is that this crossbow is easy to use by Amature & Veteran archers.


Barnett Ghost 415 Specifications : 

  • 415 FPS
  • 153 lbs of kinetic energy
  • 185 lbs draw weight
  • 15.375″ power stroke
  • Weighs 7 lbs
  • 37.375″ long
  • 21.875″ wide

Other Features : 

  • Carbonlite Series
  • 43% Lighter Riser with our Patented Carbon Riser Technology
  • Finger Reminders and Pass-Through Foregrip
  • Bristle Retainer – Patent Pending
  • CNC Machined Aluminum Flight Track
  • CNC Machined 7/8″ Picatinny Rail
  • Custom Composite Laminated Limbs
  • Crosswire® String and Cable System
  • 20″ Axle to Axle

The Crossbow comes with :


Pros :

  • Hard-hitting kinetic energy of 153lbs
  • TriggerTech trigger is an added advantage
  • A very fast product
  • Amature friendly

Cons :

  • A little expensive
  • Doesn’t come with a carrying case.



The third fastest crossbow is Barnett Ghost 410. This product was launched in 2013 , and it is amazing how this crossbow has been rocking the market since then. The Barnett Ghost 410 shoots at a speed of up to 410FPS  and has draw weight of 185lbs. We recently ranked it as the best crossbow launched before 2016.

The high quality of the multiple reticle type scope that lights up either green or red at the knob on the left of the scope is one of the most delighting features of the crossbow. More also, this crossbow comes with a pull strap so you don’t have to buy a separate one and the pull strap is so easy to use.

The trigger of Barnett 410 has virtually no creep and is very easy to pull with little resistance, which makes this crossbow super accurate. If you want full details , feel free to read our Barnett Ghost 410 review (link opens in a new tab).

Barnett Ghost 410 Specifications :

  • Speed of 410 FPS
  • A 185 LB. Draw Weight
  • Includes a Quiver, 3 Arrows, a Rope Cocking Device, a Talon Sling and a 3×32 Premium Illuminated Scope
  • 20″ Axle to Axle
  • 15.375″ Power Stroke
  • Lightweight at only 7.3 lbs.
  • Includes previous models’ Carbonlite Riser Technology (CRT)
  • 5 to 1 safety factor

Other Features :

  • 43% Lighter Riser with Patented Carbon Riser Technology
  • Finger Reminders and Pass-Through Foregrip
  • CNC Machined Aluminum Flight Track
  • CNC Machined 7/8″ Picatinny Rail
  • Custom Composite Laminated Limbs
  • CROSSWIRE® String and Cable System
  • 20″ Axle to Axle



If you love Excalibur products , you should consider getting the Matrix 405. WHY?:

>You can change the strings without a bow press.

>It is very fast

> It comes with a lifetime warranty.

> No pulleys and other moving parts issues.

> Feels light in the hand and is not too hard to cock.

The scope of this crossbow is quite awesome with its high-performance 44mm objective and 30 mm tube, fully coated with optics. The simplicity of design with no moving parts on the limbs is part of the out if the box assembly ease. As first-timer or seasoned veteran, this is one of the best you can get.

The 405 FPS speed is really fast with 18″ diablo bolts and 100 grain to 350-grain heads. Excalibur Crossbow is one of the hardest hitting most accurate crossbows on the market.

If you combine the accuracy this bow produces, the speed and its stellar scope, this crossbow a very good hunting tool! It is a deer harvesting machine. So if you think this archery is in sync with your hunting needs, then you can go ahead and purchase on Amazon.

5. MISSION MXB-400 REVIEW – 400 FPS Speed


Mission calls this one the “Bridged Integrated Accuracy System rail”, and this crossbow is #5 on the fast list.

Mission MXB-400 comes in a range of colors of tactical black, lost AT, snow pattern, and a pink camp pattern which allows for easy customization to individual’s taste. The mission MXB Crossbow comes pre-assembled to keep it intact. At 400 FPS speed, your hunt cannot escape! It is very quiet. It has no stirrup and it is very easy to cock.

The 400FPS speed of this crossbow has been made possible through the X-Cam mechanism , which helps to reduce friction thereby increasing speed.

Also, the auto safety that comes with the Mission MXB 400 ensures you can never go wrong. It gives you confidence while cocking.

Hunting with the Mission MXB-400 promises to be fun. The tiring experience of having to maintain a position for longer has been eliminated because of its lightweight and adjustable stock.


Final Thought

All five of the fastest crossbow as highlighted above are great. The article concern itself with speed and so far we have done a commendable job with the analysis of some of the fastest crossbow reviews. If your concern of a crossbow is anything else, you might want to consider other models of crossbows.

Manufacturers are putting more thought and attention into the making of crossbows such that a lot of crossbows now come with such high velocity and at a budget price. This means that you no longer have to spend an arm and a leg until you have for yourself a crossbow that can shoot at a wow speed.

That said, with great kinetic energy to enable bolts to travel farther comes great pull weight. While some models made provisions for this , others do not. This is another one that you have to take into cognizance when placing an order.

Barnett Ghost 410 Review 2018

Barnett Ghost 410 Review – Is it a reliable crossbow? Is it worth the money? Here’s everything you need to know in this review.

In our comprehensive review of the best crossbow for the money , we rated the Barnett Ghost 410 as the best crossbow on the market. Its features , speed and accuracy makes it stand out of the crowd. This article is going to provide more details on Barnett Ghost 410 review , and why it is one of the best crossbows you can buy.

Barnett Ghost 410 Review – How Good Is It?


Quick Introduction : 

Barnett Ghost 410 has been in the market since 2013 and is trusted by over 1,150 buyers on Amazon. This crossbow has a speed of 410 Feet Per Second , ranking it as one of the fastest crossbows on the market. Other specifications include 185LB draw weight , 20″ inch Axle to Axle , amongst others. See full specifications below :

Specifications :

  • Speed of 410 FPS
  • A 185 LB. Draw Weight
  • Includes a Quiver, 3 Arrows, a Rope Cocking Device, a Talon Sling and a 3×32 Premium Illuminated Scope
  • 20″ Axle to Axle
  • 15.375″ Power Stroke
  • Lightweight at only 7.3 lbs.
  • Includes previous models’ Carbonlite Riser Technology (CRT)
  • 5 to 1 safety factor

Other Features :

  • 43% Lighter Riser with our Patented Carbon Riser Technology
  • Finger Reminders and Pass-Through Foregrip
  • CNC Machined Aluminum Flight Track
  • CNC Machined 7/8″ Picatinny Rail
  • Custom Composite Laminated Limbs
  • CROSSWIRE® String and Cable System
  • 20″ Axle to Axle

What’s in the box? :

When purchased , Barnett 410 comes with the following items :

  • The Barnett Ghost 410 compound crossbow
  • three 22″ Easton bolts with field points
  • Quick-detach quiver
  • Padded crossbow sling
  • Rope cocking device
  • Extra recoil pad
  • 3×32 four-reticle illuminated (red/green/black) crossbow scope
  • Small sample of string wax
  • Warranty card
  • Owner’s manual
  • All assembly hardware

The Design of Ghost 410

Anyone who sees this crossbow for the first time cannot help but fall in love. It has a simple , yet efficient design that shoots at a speed of 410 Feet per second.

The CTR (Carbonlite Riser Technology) Makes it comfortable to hold. Ghost 410 weighs 7.3 lbs which is not too heavy , compared to other crossbows in the market.

This crossbow has a safety feature called anti-dry fire mechanism. Once you cock the crossbow , the safety feature will automatically engage , preventing the crossbow from firing until the arrow is properly setup

How Fast Is Barnett Ghost 410 ? 

When hunting for a new crossbow , Speed is part of the key specs to look out for. Barnett Ghost 410 does incredibly well in this aspect , with a speed of 410 FPS.

The speed depends alot on your distance from the prey. The closer you are , the faster your arrow will hit the target. Based on user reviews Online , we’ ve estimated the speed according to distance you’re shooting from. See below :

0 Yards = 410 FPS

10 Yards = 405 FPS

20 Yards = 401 FPS

30 Yards = 396 FPS

40 Yards = 391 FPS

50 Yards = 386 FPS

How Loud Is Barnett Ghost 410 ?

The Ghost 410 crossbow is a little bit loud , due to the amount of potential energy that is transformed to vibration after pulling the trigger.

To be honest , the faster a crossbow , the more likely for it to produce more sound after shooting. But that shouldn’t be a problem because your arrow would have hit the target before it can react to the sound of your crossbow.


What Are People Saying About This Crossbow ?

Over 124 people review this crossbow on Amazon and guess what? 69% of them gave a 5 star rating. This is a huge vote of confidence which shows people have no regrets buying.

Does This Crossbow Come With Warranty? 

Yes! The Barnett Ghost 410 comes with a 5 year warranty. The scope has a separate warranty which lasts for a lifetime. Please note that warranty does not cover the following items :

  • Damage as a result of misuse
  • The Cable
  • The String

The moment your item gets delivered by Amazon , you’ld be given a warranty card. Fill it and mail it back to Barnett for your warranty to be valid.

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