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Rash driving in Kerala leads to major death

On highways its always you would have experienced in kerala finding Ambulance rushing to get the people hit to hospital casuality.

I was travelling from Trivandrum to Kayamkulam for some work by car,  my experience between these two hour journey was very hard to overcome.  I started by 12 pm from chiriyankil,  Trivandrum towards Attingal where my first incident occurred, I had my indicator light blinking to go towards right and could see a hatchback car rushing towards my car.  I was getting lots and lots of negative vibes while looking towards the rushing car which overtook my car but hit a biker coming from the other end. I could sense the situation before it happened but never thought this could be real as any person who drive could easily make-out the possibility of hitting the biker.

This experience gave me an idea of how rough my drive is gonna be my way to kayamkulam. I did not stop to judge the situation as the there seemed no casuality caused.  Moving forward on my journey there was a second experience I encountered where this was between a bus and a bike which I have the main picture put. In kerala people drive with lot of ignorance and its been very common to find vehicles hitting each other. The government need to take immediate step to control this situation reducing life loss.

I am basically from Mumbai where the situation is quite different that what it is in kerala,  in Mumbai people would react to such rash driving which could lead to major loss but here in kerala I have noticed that people have got used to overtaking and task risk taking.  My experience need more to do with suggestion for all my mallu friend to please be alert and think before act cause life is precious.

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