” I am an AUTHOR ” – Is this the next big fad? – Create an content, get the visitors. Well type of! Since the beginning of composing and submitting content, our market has captured on to the phenomena of improving your website’s visitors by becoming the expert in your area. The only issue with this is that for every serious expert in one area, there are a million other writers who are moving on the “band wagon”.

This content trend is harming every industry!

From blog writers, line writers, and e-books, the composing market is wishing for more excellent writers. The online promotion group is especially harming for better material.

With the beginning of SEO (search motor optimization), individuals all over the world are looking, surfing around, and studying everything they can on how to advertise their company online. Because of this requirement for different material, the provide of writers are improving daily but the quality of content is reducing significantly.

Everyone is composing about the identical thing! My organization gets on regular 10-20 content hourly presented to us. I would have to say that only 1 in about 100 content presented are ever released within our web page. Those figures are incredibly low and for valid purpose.

It’s all about “substance” – or deficiency of it!

Many content we evaluation are nothing more than simple “babble” and most of them are useless. You can seriously tell right away whether the content is just a promotion part or something with real material within the material.

Great material is very essential. There is a false impression out there that most individuals won’t study your material and you can fairly much publish anything you want within your web page as long as your web page is fresh, expert looking, and can be obtained online.


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If there is one continuous online, it’s the point that the community is getting wiser and more experienced on how to analysis for sincere, reliable organizations online.

Unfortunately, writers these days are basically taking from other excellent authors!

I am not referring to publishing someone else’s content on your website! Duplicating material from other management in your market will only harm your organization. This is why the composing market is getting worse; many writers out there basically decide on a subject they want to discuss, then they go online and discover 5 content on that subject. Once they have some other excellent content, they basically continue to merge each content for themselves, by customizing the material a little.

Do you ever wonder why for particular subjects within your market, you will discover thousands of writers that had written almost the identical thing? I contact these individuals “Content Copiers”.

Even more intense are individuals who buy content to publish online ! ! !

This gets me every time. Did you know that you can now the to create something for you and place your zazzle corporation as the resource and writer of the article? This technique is seriously sad considering I can almost assurance you that the content you just purchased was also marketed to a few other organizations. All they do is modify the content a little bit and place a different headline.

No one knows your company more than you do. If you are seriously excellent at what you do, 9 times out of 10, you probably have enough information to create an content that seems sensible, that is exclusive in material, and that has your personal contact.

We’ve all come across different circumstances while working our companies. These small but essential circumstances are what gives us assurance in what we do. When you understand from your errors, you should also consider teaching individuals on what you’ve discovered to be able to help your prospective customers or even help better inform your market.

Think beyond yourself and take note of something beneficial.

I wish you’ve experienced this article! – ” I am an AUTHOR ” – Is this the next big fad?

Updated: February 9, 2019 — 8:27 am
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