What is Orgasm?

The sexual response cycle is divided in to four distinct phases: Excitement, Plateau, Orgasm and Resolution. There is no distinct beginning or end to any part of this cycle, its more one continuous cycle of sexual response but today we are gonna be talking about Orgasm. there are many ways through which we can achieve orgasm – we can achieve it mentally – we can achieve through breathing techniques, – we can achieve it through moralities that have nothing to do with sex itself or masturbation. But most of the organism that we are gonna be talking about today have to do with sex or masturbation because that is where we are in human consciousness, at the point in time.

Orgasm also called Sexual Climax is the sudden release of accumulated sexual energy as far as the body is concerned, the orgasm is controlled by the autonomic nervous system ( the same part of the nervous system that controls the heart rate, breathing, perspiration and digestion). When men orgasm – first the seminal fluid collects in the urethral bowl – this is when a man may have the sensation that orgasm and ejaculation is certain. Next, semen is ejaculated from the penis, contraction occurs in the penis and the pelvic region. when women orgasm, the vaginal walls contract rhythmically every 8/10th of a second. Of course, the number and intensity of the contraction vary depending on the individual orgasm. The muscles of the uterus also contract. When both people orgasm breathing, pulse rate and blood pressure continue to rise with muscle tension and blood vessel engorgement reach a peak. Sometimes orgasm comes with a grasping type of muscular reflex of the hands and feet. The orgasm activates the pleasure center of the brain releasing endorphin, it also causes our mind to temporarily lose control. In fact, one study from a university in the Netherlands found that when men and women reach orgasm the lateral confrontational cortex temporarily shuts down which is the region of brain that is responsible for behavior control. We are, essentially, in a deep state of surrender to the experience.

After your orgasm has settled, slowly disappearing – Watch it, watch as it is coming up, watch as it explodes, watch as it starts settling back again to the normal state of your bodies. Then don’t be in a hurry to separate from each other, remain together for awhile. In tantra that is called valley orgasm which is not known to millions of people. The first orgasm was peak orgasm where you had met together on a peak of energy, now the peak has disappeared but every peak has a valley by its side without which there can be no peak. So if you remain silently watching together, you will be amazed with another orgasm having totally different beauty, a different depth, a different joy – The valley orgasm. Until the valley orgasm disappears and you come back again to normal state – don’t separate. Meanwhile all the time the witnessing continues. When you separate, don’t just go to sleep. Something very essential is still there and that is the after play. You have made such a turmoil in the energy of each other’s body, mind that it is needed you to massage each other’s body, Play with each other’s body with beautiful incense, flowers, candle light, music – if you feel like dancing, you can dance but the witnessing continues.

During orgasm our brains are flooded with Oxycontin which is the powerful brain chemical that inspires feelings of intimacy. Known as the ‘cuddle hormone’ Oxycontin makes you feel connected to your partner and bonds you to each other. orgasms, especially the really good ones, can some times consume the entire body not limiting themselves to the pelvic region and as far as your health is concerned, orgasm lead to feelings of euphoria and pleasure which reduces stress, depression and anxiety levels with boosting tje immune system. For those who like the effect that exercise has on the body – orgasm burns calories! It promotes relaxation and release of tension which helps you sleep better and increases circulation in the body also the brain leading to an increased mental sharpness Its helps alleviate pain, cells in the body regenerate and is inhibits the aging process.

On an energetic level, when you are engaging in sex and you are reaching the point of orgasm the entire body reaches the state of ‘receptivity’ and energy with in the body starts flowing faster. It’s as if you were to break open the flood-gates and all the channels of energy running through your body, the meridians and chakras were fully open to the unrestricted flow of source energy through your body. Alignment is occurring between the vibration of your physical perspective and the vibration of your non-physical perspective and thus you experience a blending between the physical aspects of you and the non-physical aspects of you. During orgasm, your awareness of your own identity or your own ego is dissolved. For this very reason sex and orgasm specifically has been used in spiritual practice to attain enlightenment. It enables you to touch what is infinite, it enables the physical to access the non-physical. The best example of this that we have today of course it is the practice of Tantra where people use sex as a doorway to enlightenment.

There are two main type of orgasm – the first is Explosive and the second is Implosive. Now you cant get experts to agree on which is more healthy. Some people say that ‘Explosice’ orgasm is healthy because instead of building-up pressure it releases pressure while other people say that ‘Implosive’ is restorative and healing whereas explosive depletes you of energy. My stance on the subject is both explosive and implosive orgasms can be healthy and both can be unhealthy depending on how you use then. In an explosive orgasm the energy moves out of the body like it does during explosion. In an implosive orgasm the energy moves inwards so that it is retained within the body. An explosive orgasm is the best kind of orgasm to use for manifestation. It also creates the greatest release and therefore decrease stress levels the best but it can cause you to feel depleted and it is usually a shallower form of orgasm.

The explosive orgasm is the one most natural to men while an implosive orgasm is the best kind of orgasm to use for healing or unity work. It pulls the partners energy into you, it is restorative because it nourishes the body and soul and increases your energy levels instead of exploding outwards from you it expands you from within. The implosive orgasm is the one most natural to women but it can boost energy levels to an uncomfortable degree and allows people who are contained and who fear extending themselves towards others in any way to stay that way.

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